"Don't Give Them A Reason To Say No!"™ Virtual Seminar for Actors

Pine River Entertainment offers this virtual seminar for actors. In this seminar, participants gain the knowledge and insight they need to be a successful working actor in Los Angeles, New York or their own hometown.

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"Don't Give Them A Reason To Say No!"

Whether you’re still in college, just graduated, or have been working as an actor for years, this seminar has something for everyone. As a talent manager, Bruce Economou understands that, to be successful, a professional actor needs to know not only his/her craft, but also how to navigate the business end of "show business," and that includes taking advantage of today's ever-changing technology.

Bruce covers a wide variety of topics which include:

The participants will also have a chance to either cold read or perform a prepared scene for Bruce and he'll spend a few minutes with each participant reviewing head shots and resumes.

The info you gave us was to the point but covered a broad range of topics. Your tip about head shot thumbnails for electronic submissions was worth the price of admission alone. Okay, twice the price of admission. Now…I’ll know exactly what kind of head shot to get.

Alan Ball, Hilberry Repertory Company

For information on Bruce Economou's availability for this seminar, please e-mail him at:


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